Who Are We?

We are a small group of talented musicians that love to get together to make music.  Our members come from all walks of life.  We have members of the Military, teachers, lawyers, private business owners, professional college students, full time parents, and retired professionals.  We began playing together in January of 2008 with only 8 members and now have grown to over 35 talented musicians currently.  One of our purposes is to provide a skilled group to help mentor other musicians and play for intern conductors with the guidance of our director.

Our Commitment

Our members practice every Thursday night in Virginia Beach.  Many of our musicians are also members of other community and professional musical groups in the area.  Most of our events are performed on the weekends.

Where do we Perform?

We perform for many different event throughout the Hampton Roads area.  We have performed for private events, city functions, art shows, air shows, church events, support groups, and a parade.

Community Bands

If you are a musician looking for a band to play with, contact us and we can guide you to a group that would best suit your schedule and talent. 

Here is a short list of some great local groups:

Symphonic Artistry (Virginia Beach): http://www.symphonicartistry.com

Hampton Roads Metro Band (Chesapeake): http://www.hrmetroband.org/ 

Tidewater Concert Band (Portsmouth): http://www.tidewaterconcertband.org/

Peninsula Concert Band (Newport News): http://peninsulaconcertband.org/

Chesapeake Bay Wind Ensemble (Yorktown): http://www.cbwe.org/Default.htm

For a full list of great music groups, far and wide, visit: http://boerger.org/c-m/commUSA.html